Alpha/Omega Tee


Alpha/Omega is our latest fungus-inspired collaboration with local Seattle artist Bacchus. When asked about this design Bacchus had this to say:

“The Alpha/Omega design serves the purpose of holding contrasting ideas in balance to represent the cyclical nature of existence.

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom is one of the earliest documented contacts that humankind made with entheogenic plants and fungi – this symbiotic relationship between humans and nature marks what some believe to be the beginning of culture, language, and spirituality. Entheogens gifted humans with a sense of connection to the oneness of existence, letting them understand their relationship to the earth and place within the universe.

Just as the mushroom may be symbolic of the origins of humanity, imagery of mushroom clouds have become synonymous with the eradication of all humankind. The arms race marks a fractured identity between humankind and nature – as rather than ensuring a future for the planet, humans cut into the earth in order to weaponize it’s raw elements, only to threaten to use the only currently viable planet for human life as the playing field of war.

The role of mushrooms within the biological cycle is to decompose organic matter down into basic nutrients, restructuring this matter into new growth and life, restoring what was once dead and destroyed back into something that sustains life for species within an ecosystem. As one of the oldest existing forms of life on Earth, they have long provided the balance necessary for life to progress onward. Should humankind choose an abrupt ending to our chapter on this planet, these mycelial networks will exist long afterwards, cleaning up our mess and restoring the ecosystem back to balance in a world without humanity – continually creating beginnings out of every ending.”

Alpha/Omega by Bacchus is a full on, 5-color CMYK design, printed in Old Seattle with kindness by Concuss.

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