hERON Lite-Brite Tee


We present to you, the hERON Lite-Brite Tee! A nostalgic offering from your favorite degenerates here at Concuss.


In late 2017, the Seattle/San Antonio duo hERON – Erick Progeny Frias of Chisme/Ghost Palace and Rob Castro of Grayskul/Ghost Palace released their self-titled debut album of instrumental trip-hop infused with gloomy dreamlike melancholy. The collaborative efforts are undeniably some of the best cinematic sad bangers in existence.


“With Frias blasting the beats and sometimes guitar, and Castro handling the brooding air of bass lines and keys every once in a while, the textures they create are both introspective and groovy. Their debut album offers tracks for every vibe, from the laid back mellow moods of the short album opener “Chillmode” to the bluesy boho riffs on “EvilFortress” and the slightly country western twang to “Melt Away.” The duo creates plenty of soundscapes, complicated and simplistic at the same time, and there’s something new to appreciate about it with every listen.”